Friday, March 9, 2018

So I've been working on my ecommerce site over the past few days. What a pain. I'm using Magento on a hosted solution. Oy vey, one problem after another. Failed Magento installations, failed dependencies, etc. Terribly poor documentation for what is supposed to be an automated process. However, I learned quite a bit, and finally got the site to complete installation. Unfortunately, I now cannot run the new site installation tool. This is even weirder, since a previous installation that failed actually gave me the tool, but then failed to install the demo content I requested. I attempted to not install that (opting to install it manually later), and now the installation completes, though with an error claiming it cannot process the request for the web site (either at the standard dot com URL or the setup URL).  **sigh**  One weird thing to note though is, after the (failed) installation, it appears that the URL for the setup is visible on the public internet. Anybody who might go to the web store before I did would have been able to run it first. You would think they'd incorporate some login credentials to actually run it. But nope.  Did I say "Oy vey?"  LOL

I posted a plea for help in the Magento forums.  Let's see what I come up with.

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